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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 12, 2010 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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the most powerful name in news. the o'reilly factor is next. right now. >> bill: tonight,. >> i'm still standing and i'm here with bill o'reilly. >> bill: sarah palin makes her debut as a news analyst on "the factor" tonight. we will ask her why president obama's poll numbers are dropping and what she would say to senator harry reid. >> well, okay. whatever. >> bill: the global warming boondoggle in copenhagen cost the american taxpayer millions. john stossel has the numbers and they may make you angry. >> 9 the the sect was so powerful it knocked jay leno's show from 10:30 to 11:35. >> all out war has broken out
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on late night tv with conan o'brien net threatening to quit nbc. >> i plan to put on a show while at the same time stealing as many office supplies as humanly possible. >> bill: you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now! >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us tonight. sarah palin will be here in a moment. but first, the talking points memo. president obama's poll numbers continue to slip. the new cbs poll which is usually friendly to the president has the approval rating at just 46%. that is the worst showing in the poll. the rasmussen daily tracking poll has the president's approval rating at 46% with a whopping 53% of registered voters, likely to vote i should say disapproving. talking points predictd that
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last week with dick morris i said americans were not thrilled with president obama's unemotional response to the christmas day situation and the secret healthcare none sen starring nancy pelosi and harry reid not steppin helping mr. ot all. 36% of americans approve of the presidents who healthcare stage. to be fair, ronald reagan had low numbers in the same point in his tenure. right now, though, he canno prt obama cannot be a happy guy. fox news has hired sarah palin to do analysis. that has thrown the left wing media into. >> isn't that a god send to anybody who wants to have comedy on the radio? >> she has a pesky little problem with the truth. no irony that day these headlines came out, fox news snappe snatched her up.
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>> she will be a pundit on fox news. >> how could she be a pundit, she doesn't know anything. >> there will be one more ignore ranant pundit at fox ne. >> here now is the governor whose best selling book "going rogue" continues to dominate the best seller list across the country. we talked about this the last time you were in here. it is almost funny that these people feel that you are such a threat to them. it is almost amusing, is it not? >> i'm so appreciative of the opportunity to get to work with you and the other team members here at fox news to provide the fair and the balanced reporting and analysis that voters in this country deserve. >> bill: obviously folks are watching fox news far more than they watch these pin heads. you are the former governor of alaska, former vice
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presidential candidate. you are a politician. you are a mom. you are an american. what is the threat? what -- i mean i'm not feeling it here, governor, i'm not feeling the threat from you here. tell me what the threat is. >> it is not about me personally, who i am from up there in alaska. >> bill: but they are going after you personally. >> they don't like the message. they don't like the common sense conservative solutions that i think i represent and articulate as i explain what i believe are solutions to the great challenges facing america. they don't like to hear it. >> bill: but there are a lot of conservative politicians giveing that message and none are as attacked personally, as vehemently as you are. president obama's numbers sinking. >> of course, they are sinking. it was a matter of time before more of that reflection of the people's uncomfortableness that they feel towards the
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administration is manifesting in the poll numbers. there is an obvious disconnect between president obama and the white house. what they are doing to our economy and what they are doing in terms of not allowing americans to feel as safe as we had felt and people finally saying you know, this is not the representative form of government that we thought that we had voted in after a year's time people are saying no, we want the white house, we want president obama to hear from us. we want these common sense solutions with healthcare with jobs, with the economy, with the war on terror to be implemented so we can get back on the right track. >> bill: isn't it true that no human being could lower the unemployment rate at this point? i don't like the massive spending, i think it will bankrupt the nation but i'm saying to myself if sarah palin and john mccain were in, could they bring unemployment down under 10%? i'm not sure you could. >> if the question is can any individual politician change the job forecast outlook, no,
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but what government can do it get out of the way of the private sector being able to seize opportunities to grow and thrive and prosper and hire more people. you do that, a politician, a policy does that by reducing taxes on the job creators, getting government out of the way of the private sector. let's talk about healthcare for a minute. when we consider that the white house wants to take another one sixths of our economy and take it from the private sector happens and take it over and put it in government's hands, that is another step towards greater unemployment numbers. >> , another step towards greater growth of government which is the wrong track. >> bill: that is what they want. remember, they won on that. everybody who voted for barack obama if they were paying attention knew he was a big government liberal to the folks are getting what they -- >> there were promises that he made that he was not keeping. >> bill: there are always promises you know that. >> a more glaring situation than we have seen in past administrations. there were such clear promises,
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such blatant promises. >> bill: like c-span covering healthcare coverage. do you know nancy pelosi? have you met her? >> i meter with once in the capitol building. she wouldn't remember me. >> bill: i think she would remember you, governor. >> bill: chat with her? >> she was leading a group of school children through on a tour and i thought that is nice that she has time on her hands that she could do that. >> bill: but the school children need to be led. >> yeah, that's night. >> bill: do you think she is a cook. >> i doubt that her san francisco constituents even are enamored with her policies and guidance that she is guiding in the country. >> bill: is she further to the left than barack obama? >> perhaps so. >> bill: harry reid gets in trouble with the negro dialect
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remark and the light skinned color. say i'm hearry reid. no, i'm not going to say that. what would you say to me? >> obviously you can't defend those comments. >> bill: but he is sorry. is that enough? >> that way of thinking is quite foreign to i think most americans today. >> bill: do you think it was a racist statement? >> i come have a diverse state and my family is diverse, i'm married to an alaska native. a lot of us don't think along the lines that skin tone would be a criteria for the qualification of the presidency. his thinking and articulating of that thought is quite perplexing and unfortunate. >> bill: do you think it was racist. >> i don't believe that he is a racist but i don't believe that trent lott is a racist either. >> bill: we did that last night. >> and that double standard and hypocrisy is white many
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americans are quite disgusted on the left wing what they are playing with the game of racism and letting harry reid's comments slide but having crucified trent lott for essentially the same thing. >> bill: in the next few weeks, barack obama is going to have to do something with iran. >> he is. >> bill: what would you do? >> the time for talking about sanctions we are passd that and we need to follow through on the financial terms that are favoring some iranian businesses and iranian regime. >> bill: they have been doing that, right? >> i don't think. >> bill: would you attack them or let israel attack them? >> we could still head in the direction of the financial sanctions. >> bill: you haven't change the your opinion? >> we talk about it enough and we talked about it. >> bill: last time you were
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here. >> and there has been no change except for change for the worse. the time for talking, that the' enough. we want to make sure that we and aruba our allies are follog through on the threats of sanctions. >> bill: if the iranians don't stop the nuclear program should we attack? >> i think we need to adhere to the sanctions, the threats that we have -- >> bill: you are not ready to say we got to get them if they don't? >> a military attack needs to be the very, very last. >> bill: it's coming down. it's getting close. the israelis are getting close. >> what i would like to see the obama administration do is convince americans that they would be willing to do anything that needs to be done to protect america and her allies. to protect and we want to know that. >> bill: we will have more with the governor in a moment. we will hold her over because i do have other foolish questions to ask her and we appreciate your patience very much. and then analyze our discussion. ahead this evening also, john
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>> bill: continuing with our newest contributor on fox news. governor sarah palin. why do you mink 60 minutes, did you know they spent 8 minutes on you last sunday night. they had a new book out that they were interviewing the authors and there is stuff in the book about mccain and biden and edwards but it was 8 minutes about you. >> bill: anything about obama? >> anything about obama? >> bill: a little bit but not a lot. he has been on the show. he is one of the co-con contributors. i'm steve and i'm barack obama, he is on every week. the first is from one of the authors of the book "game change." roll the tape. >> she still didn't understand why there was a north korea and south korea and was still regularly saying that saddam
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hussein had been behind 9/11 and literally the next day her son was about to ship off to iraq and when they asked her who her son was going to fight she couldn't explain that. >> i think the reporters who are not any part of what i was doing there as a vp candidate, i think that i explained a lot of this in "going rogue." i was there and they were not there. >> bill: is this that you don't the difference between north coreeia and south korea. >> i hadn't seen the 60 minutes thing. i was warned don't watch. >> bill: it was a lie that you thought saddam hussein was behind 9/11? >> on that i did talk a lot to steve smith about the history of the war and about where perhaps the 9/11 terrorists came from and could there have been any connection to saddam. i admit that i asked questions about it. >> bill: but you weren't blaming 9/11 on saddam hussein? >> no, no, no.
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>> bill: and the shipping out of your son to iraq, you didn't know why, that is a lie? >> see, theater reporters were not there -- see, these reporters were not there and these are the political establishment reporters who love to gin up controversy and spin up gossip. the rest of america doesn't care about that kind of crap. >> bill: i agree with you. >> we are concerned about a 10% unemployment rate. >> bill: but they want to know what is true and what isn't. they do. >> they need read my book. >> bill: and when said sarah palin didn't know the difference between north and south korea, i went that can't be true. >> maybe these are the guys saying some of the other continue foil hat controversy. >> bill: he is a writer for new york magazine, a left wing magazine. >> i don't know who they are. they didn't interview me for the book. >> bill: now, steve schmidt it not your best friend, he also was interviewed in the 60
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minute piece. roll the tape. >> the authors say she hit bottom trying to prepare for the vice presidential debate. the person in charge of the debate prep made a desperate call to steve schmidt. >> he said she was not focus and not engaged and was really not participating in the prep. >> bill: to be fair, schmidt later on said that mccain would have lost bigger had you not been on the tic ticket. he is saying you were in chaos preparing for the debate. is that true? >> that is not true. he told us how overjoyed he was after the debate and after the convention. >> bill: was there a time where you felt overwhelmed? >> no, i always felt pretty calm through the whole experience. >> bill: is schmidt lying or somebody lying to him? >> i think he is basing this on an anonymous source.
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all the kind of gossiply anonymous accusations i don't pay it any mind. again, bill, i know what is important and what the priorities are. >> bill: you know, governor, the perception of you is that you are not that smart. that is what saturday night live trafficked in and the liberal media traffics in and you heard chris matthew go she doesn't know anything. that is why i want to clear this up and i'm asking these questions because the audience i believe, "the factor" audience likes you and they want you to be treated fairly. i have to ask questions is that a lie. the truth is in the proverbial pudding you did very well against biden but you did call him o-biden at the debate. >> i did. i felt good about it and steve schmidt felt great about it. the allegations of the chaos
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and frustration are alarming. quite irrelevant to what is in the world today. >> bill: you now have a forum here at fox news, okay, that you can immediately neutralize "60 minutes" like that. >> the american people are immediately neutralizing outlets like "60 minutes." >> bill: but they want to hear from you about it. >> more and more americans are looking at the biased journalism and saying that gig is up and not believing that any more and that is why they are tuning in to fox news. >> bill: i like 60 minutes, i think they are honorable. you will do a tea party event in nashville, tennessee, in february. i predictd that you may run on the tea party ticket in 2012. >> there is no tea party ticket but i'm thankful for the tea party movement for people having a place for their voice to be heard. i can't wait to do this event. >> bill: you are the keynote here? >> i believe i am. there will be other speakers, too, though.
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but can't wait to get to hear from those so concerned about the economy and about our national security issues and share with them what i believe the solutions are. >> bill: they will love you at the tea party. >> there is always the controversy concerning whatever it is that i announce i will do. there is controversy involved in this one because the tea party offered me a speaking fee. i will not financially be gaining anything from this. >> bill: you have a family to support, take the money! >> what is more important than money in my pocket from an event like that is to be able to turn it right back around and contribute to campaigns, candidates and issues that will help the country. >> bill: i have one more for the governor. how was the first interview on fox news as a contributor? >> i couldn't ask for anything better. i was with the big man on campus. >> bill: and who is that? >> bill o'reilly. >> bill: governor, a mr. he sure to have you and we are all happy that you are onboard with
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us. again, any time you want to set the record straight we are here. >> we will be doing a lot of that. >> bill: right back with crowley and colmes to analyze our conversation with sarah palin. ls$$$$$$$$$$$$
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this is a fox news alert. in new york city, more now on a breaking story fox news has been covering out of haiti. the scene of what is being described as a catastrophic earthquake. the preliminary magnitude of the quake is 7.0. there is video of haiti. it struck tuesday night near the populated capitol city of port o prince, happening about 0 miles outside of port o prince. one official describes the scene of total zaft skbrer chaos. u.s. statement predicts a serious loss of life at this point. some of that damage is evident in these images you're seeing. they're just now coming into us here at fox news. just devastation. lots of dust as you can see. sh and buildings reduced to rubble. homes buildings said to have been reduced to rubble and
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people trapped underneath. the region still being rocked by after shocks, one reportedly knocked down a hospital. you can see that the buildings as well as the poor areas have been affected by this, president obama says the u.s. is ready to provide aid to the victims. joining me now in new york is new york base dermatologist who is a dermatologist here in the city. she does medical missionary work in haiti with her family. we're going to talk to her now. thanks for joining us. for those who have not been to haiti it's a poor country. i'm being told ought out of 10 live in poverty. what have you seen? >> we've seen poverty that is really, indescribable. dirt floors, poor infrastructure, people sleeping on the floor every night with little to eat. very limited ak -- limited access to medical care.
11:25 pm
our group goes down to try to help them for a limited amount of time. we try to help them. >> and i know we have video and pictures of the last trip. you came back to haiti. tell us about what you do there. can you see these images? >> i can. >> what are we looking at? >> this is a devastated home that has been affected by the earthquake. this is in port o prince. this is also a hospital collapsed and after shocks from the quake today. i can only imagine what devastation these people and patients are experiencing because, at base line these people don't have much at all. as far as resources or ability to care for themselves or for others my heart really goes out to them. i was very upset when i heard the news at work this evening. and they're in our thoughts and prayers and hopefully we can get help down to the
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people who need it most. >> i know dindy and i have been friends for a long time. i know you and your family, your father is a doctor, your mother is a news. and they go down there for these trips. and you have told me we've talked that these kids are lined up for days in advance. they walk miles to come and see you z that is without an earthquake. >> right. >> what is it going to be like as far as medical treatment is concerned?. >> i think they're going to have a lot of pandemonium, limited resources to get to -- to care. so i -- i hope we have envoys down there to help with the mission work that needs to be taking place. i -- i cannot imagine because just in times of nonnatural disaster when we're there, patients come from miles and miles away on donkey. and we make house calls.
11:27 pm
and these are people who are, you know... just very limited in what they have to get. >> in poverty levels for us we're seeing eight out of 10 are poverty level. what does that mean? >> latest information is that 75% live under $2 a day. so... poverty level to us is a new meaning when it's $2 a day. that is what we pay for a coke. and that is what they live on each day. or less than. so it's pretty devastating and the fact that of the 8.5 million people in haiti, 50% of them are unemployed. there is just not a lot out there. to... to help them. so i hope that we're able to help and send a lot of need which needs to take place. >> have you talked to folks down there? >> my minister and parents are trying to get in touch with our contact who is the -- the
11:28 pm
head of the diocese down down on an island off the mainland of haiti. what is interesting i think is that the best haiti has to offer is port o prince. places that are more remote don't have infrastructure, running water or electricity. the telephones that are available in the most populated and most-developed city in that country. >> yeah. we're working on getting your pictures from your trip. i know you just got back. you've been going there for years with your family. you're sleeping on a church floor when you're there. you don't have a bed. >> right. yeah. that is seven to 10 days and these people do it every day. it's good to be able to experience that to give us perspective on what these people go through just living each day is much more of a chore than any of us could ever experience. >> what about supplies? do they have supplies? >> some of the medical
11:29 pm
services provide that. some of the institutions in port o prince do have limited resources and equipment. we take a lot of our medical equipment and medicines down there. because more remote places don't have any access. it gets distributed to larger cities so... we go down to the remote island we take about between 100,000s skpdz $200,000 worth of medicines and supplies. >> i remember i talked to you earlier today we were exchanging e mails and you said nurses were saying this is not what the country needed because the country has been devastated by storms recently. government is unrest right now what. are they going through now as far as government concerned. did you see residuals from storms a year ago? >> we did. there is a lot of debris from the large hurricane in 2008. remnants of the flooding that had occurred and just the vast devastations so... i can only
11:30 pm
imagine it's not much unsimilar to that at this point with flooding that occurred from, from the earthquakes and after shocks. and then, unfortunately all of the destruction of the buildings that they worked so hard to put up. >> what went through your mind when you heard the news today? >> i -- i cried for a little bit. these are people and a place that is near and dear to my heart. they're lovely people. despite poverty and political unrest and the natural disasters that they're pummeled with this, is a lovery country filled with beautiful, happy somehow happy people. and i just feel like it's not fair that they're exposed -- they knlt get a leg up, it seems with everything they have going but i will say they're a resilient group. i know they'll rise above as they always have throughout the years. but... i just hope that people
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watching will provide some aid if they have it -- have resources to be able to help. it's amazing how little they have. >> people watching this program tonight traveled on cruise ships into that area. i know i was on a cruise in middle school. by spent a day in haiti. looked like a beautiful area. we couldn't go into the island because of the danger. but there are a lot of markets set up and individual selling little figurines and jewelry. i remember flowers are pretty. i would imagine that is one small section. what is the rest of the island like? >> you know it's still a caribbean island. it's a beautiful place. there is crystal clear water and beautiful scenery. they're so limited in infrastructure and roads they don't have trash collection. coastline is often cluttered with debris and cans and trash.
11:32 pm
and animals so it's just not not as beautiful as some surrounding country. because of that, but the island is gorgeous. >> right. >> how can we help as a nation? i know american red cross is sending $200,000 to assist the victims. but what would you recommend we do for thokz watching tonight? you should contact your local church group to see if anyone has established tax. i think it's important to get your money to where it needs to be and because there is such some corruptness in the government often money, well meaned isn't drktly distributed to writ needs to go. make sure you're giving to red cross or a rep yuable group to so the money goes where it's intended. financial aid is one of the major benefits you can give or if you have time, or know of
11:33 pm
people going down and convoys to give your own human touch that. speaks volumes and resonate was the people to know we do care. >> who are the doctors? physicians from america? i know we've been reporting that one of the hospitals has collapsed because of the after shocks. >> right. right. >> how many hospitals are there? just one? >> no, there are several. port au prince has a main medical center. where we do our work there is a medical center but noits its not open full time there. is one full time doctor who is available on all of the island. so there are a lot of medical missionaries from all over the world. a significant amount from america. there are haitian providers who are very, very good. >> is there anything else you want to add? >> um i just hope everyone
11:34 pm
keeps haiti and haitians in their hearts and prayers and we continue to do good work and help them so they need it. >> thank you who is a dermatologist here in the city and practicing in long island as well as new jersey and a friend of mine here in new york. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> if you're just joining us i'm sure you heard the news now. that happened >> you can see walls crumbling down. some of the afluent areas have been affected and core areas have been affected. and it's just being described now by our u.s. officials as a catastrophic earthquake. again a 7.0 image tud quake
11:35 pm
struck on tuesday night near the populated capitol city of port au prince. hillary clinton has a comment she's coming on this and let's listen to what she's had to say tonight. >> united states is offering our full assistance to haiti and others in the region. we'll be providing both civilian and military disaster relief and humanitarian assistance. our prayers are with the people who suffered. their families and their loved ones. >> that was hillary clinton talking about this devastation in haiti. emergency meetings are going on now in washington, d.c.. u.s. search and rescue teams on alert now trying to assess status of the airport there if we need to get aid. we need to get aid on to the island. they'll continue to work on that and we'll keep you posted here at the fox news channel. thanks for joining us. keep it right here on fox we'll continue to keep you up
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[ chuckles ] wow! good luck getting your remote back. it's all right -- i love this channel. shopping less and saving more. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> bill: next thanks for staying with us. bill o'reilly. the aclu bullish on nudity. and another disturbing teacher controversy. first, this man, al-qaeda terrorist accused of bombing two embassies in africa where more than 200 people killed now being tried by the obama administration in civilian
11:39 pm
court in new york city as we predicted injuries the lawyers case try to get it thrown out on a legal technicality. here with us, kimberly guilfoyle and' lease wheel. >> you know i'm a prophet. >> that is what we call you all the time. >> bill: 20 minutes to do this and they said he didn't get a speedy trial. you got to throw it out, judge kaplan. >> that is not a mere technicality. it is in the constitution. also within the constitution it says that outside of the constitution actually but says in law that a judge within the ends of justice, in other words, if the ends of justice outweigh the speed. >> trial he can wave speedy trial. i looked at the briefs to find out what was going on and these are what the pages look like. they are redacted. >> bill: they are redacted. >> i don't want to get involved in the merits of the case because i don't believe it will get thrown out but i told you and guilfoyle that as soon as
11:40 pm
the obama people put if into new york city this is what the lawyers were going to do. they didn't get mirandaizeed, they were tortured, it isn't a speedy trial, throw it out and it is exactly, guilfoyle, what they are doing. >> this is a problem because this is what the holder justice department are doing, giving rights and privileges to enemy combatants. >> bill: wasting our time and money. >> that is the problem. and now he is asserting this right which i do believe it will be denied and proceed to trial. >> bill: the judge can't throw it out. he can't. they will run him out of town. >> absolutely. >> and the trial coming up now. >> bill: he was water boarded, got to let him go and all this. >> takes 20 minutes to look at that and say no. >> bill: 20 minutes? this whole dog and upon any show is going to take four to five years and cost more than 100 million bucks. that is what is going to happen. >> for no good reason.
11:41 pm
>> bill: absolutely no, good reason for it. >> you can't call speedy trial a technicality because it is not. >> but they shouldn't be in civilian court. >> bill: i stand corrected. it is a technicality. it is throw it out because it was speedy. >> no, because it wasn't speedy. >> bill: and this story is interesting because i was at a teacher involved in a story like this. i was cha chapperoning a fight. i broke a fight up and one guy wouldn't stop and i threw him answer the wall. exactly what happened. near is a tape of the situation, the two girls are fighting and the teacher is called as the teach are has to be called in a school, all right. and okay. enough of that. let's see the teacher. here comes the teacher. all right. teacher then breaks it up. this the teacher. dragging these girls apart. and then the girl comes back, won't stop and the teacher shoves the girl, okay.
11:42 pm
boom. and now guilfoyle, the teacher is in trouble, correct? >> the teacher is on administrative leave. they are having a hearing to determine whether or not the teacher should be suspended and terminated and the issue is whether or not the teacher used excessive force. >> bill: it is ridiculous. >> whistling what are you supposed to let the child get injured and then they will sue the school district. it has to be broken up and the teacher has an obligation and it came towards the end when the student went back in again. >> bill: have either of you ladies ever been involved in a physical conflict? >> yes. >> bill: when you are in a physical conflict, i haven't been in many but i was in the teacher thing. you do by instinct. when that girl comes at you after you separated them you go like this. >> but a teacher is held to a higher standard. he is a big buy it and these are little girls. if he had thrown them after the
11:43 pm
first time absolutely he should be suspended. >> bill: but he didn't. he just tried to protect the girl on the ground. >> exactly. exactly. because it is the second time. >> bill: so this poor teacher down in arkansas. >> tom griffin. >> bill: is in all kinds of trouble for just trying to break up a fight. >> it is not right. he is doing his job and people would be complaining about him if he didn't step in and break up the fight. >> the school administrator came out and said that they didn't think that he didn't do anything wrong. >> bill: but if you don't suspend the guy -- this is pulaski county, arkansas. you drag the guy through the mud and it is ridiculous. all right. let's go out to oregon. a lively state out there. it is not a warm state. it is not a warm state. >> naked. >> bill: and there is a woman out there that likes to run around naked, all right. in ashland, which is the home of the shakespeare festival. a nice town.
11:44 pm
the city council actually voted on this woman and said 4-2, you can't run around naked in ashland and now the aclu wants what? >> maybe she is trying out for a part in a shakespearean play. the acl and says it as violation of your first amendment freedom of expression to express yourself and go out there. it is in january, by the way. anyway, the aclu is going to lose big time on this one because all the city said in the 4-2 vote is if you are over eight years old. >> bill: eight? >> over eight and you are in a public place you can't run around nude. if you want to do it at home -- >> bill: what have the other rulings been on this? >> the oregon appelat court already ruled on this saying that you have no first amendment right to. >> bill: it is not freedom of expression. >> unless she makes a political like i'm against the war or for peace. then it is a more colorful
11:45 pm
question. she needs to put a robe on or get a grip. >> bill: or arrest her for what, indecent exposure? >> i don't want my child to see that crazy nicked lady. >> but the aclu wants you to, they want it. >> and they need to control themselves. >> they have to go to city hall and get a mercedes mitt for the protest, where do they wear the permit if they are nude? >> double sided tape. >> bill: a question i think we will all ponder for many days. that is the legal segment this evening. back to me now. coming next, it is war on late night tv. leno, o'brien, letterman and the rest all involved and it is very interesting struggle. right back with it.
11:46 pm
this is a fox news alert. the preliminary magnitude of the quake is 7.0, hitting tuesday night near port au pribs prince. you're looking at a massive port au prince area. there are images of the devastation there. this is what you're seeing now. one official described the scene of total disaster and chaos. you can see fire in the background. some buildings, roof looks like it's collapsed and you can see flames still burning. u.s. state department predicts a serious loss of life. we don't know the number now. homes and buildings said to have been reduced to rubble including a un building. several workers there are now missing. the region still being rocked by after shocks at this point. one reportedly knocked down a hospital. president obama says the u.s. is ready to provide aid to quake victims and adding his thoughts and prayers are going out to those people. earlier secretary of state clinton had this to say. >> united states is offering our full assistance to haiti and others in the region.
11:47 pm
we'll be providing both civilian and military disaster relief and humanitarian assistance. our prayers are with the people who have suffered, their families and loved ones. >> joining us now by phone is brett williams director of emergency preparedness in response for direct relief international working with medical partners in haiti helping the island nation set up emergency ready programs. tell us what type of assistance is being offered at this point. >> at this point what we're trying to do is assess the needs typically with emergencies like this there is a search and rescue face, immediately. and people who are missing and hurt are trying to get them into medical facilities. what we do here is identify those most-needed items for the types of emergencies. in terms of crush injuries you're going to have a lot of lacerations and you're going to have people misplaced
11:48 pm
because they're not able to live in their home now. so we're air lifting needed medical supplies to the health facilities on the ground and just, we just happen to have two ocean freight containers in the port that arrived today. just supporting our ongoing relief. >> who, when you send supplies onto the island of haiti who is there to grab the supplies and distribute them to the folks in need? >> we work with a network of local health care providers some as large as partners as partners in health from paul farmer's group in boston, massachusetts to local church groups there that run clinics. it's a wide variety of different health care facility autos most of the medical providers are they americans on the island? >> it's a mix. most is haitian run but there are some u.s. ngos going down
11:49 pm
there to establish the facility autos have you heard of anyone with the organization that you distribute to that are american that have been injured in this? do we know that at this point? >> we're not getting information coming out of haiti at the telecommunications system has been destroyed. for us, it's really hard because our hearts goring out to everyone there. it's -- information is just trickling out as you can imagine. we're not able to get full assessments and understand the complete damage. >> right. i know earlier i was watching shepherd smith's show. he was interviewing a medical missionary who actually i don't know if she's a medical. she's a missionary. they have a house there. she says she was talking with him via e mail and he was fine but trying to help people there. have you talked to anyone through e mail? i know you said you haven't through phone. >> we've tried to get many e mails out but haven't heard anything back yet.
11:50 pm
i have a feeling that satellite phone is maybe the only option now that is there. we hope obviously everyone is okay especially with the places we've worked and hope medical facilities are standing tomorrow but we've heard one hospital has gone down just outside of port au prince. hard part about emergencies like this is that everyone is injured at the same moment. so medical facilities become overwhelmed. it's important to keep supplies going so those injured don't get turned into infection and into later complications down the road. >> right. right. one last question. quickly is there anything we can do to help as americans? >> absolutely. we're direct relief international is responding and going to be doing this for a long time. you can visit our web site at >> thank you. >> thank autos if you're just tuning in there was an earthquake on the island of haiti today.
11:51 pm
7.0 magnitude quake. of course rocking that small little island. struck on tuesday night near a populated capitol city of port au prince there. is a map there. you can see the area hit about 10 miles from the capitol. lots of devastation. one official describing the scene of quote total disaster and chaos. the u.s. state department predicts a serious loss of life. more in the morning as well once it is daylight there. homes and buildings are said to have been reduced to rubble. it's affecting the rich and the poor on that island including a united nations building has been destroyed. several workers there are missing. the region is still being rocked by after shocks tonight. one reportedly knocked down a hospital. president obama says the u.s. is ready for providing aid to victims adding thoukts and prayers are going out to the people. secretary of state clinton was commenting saying her thoughts and prayers are with the
11:52 pm
people there as well. she said the u.s. is gathering information offering full assistance, civilian and military assistance. her husband, former president clinton is the un special envoy for haiti and his office says they're pledging that they'll rebuild, they'll help with the recurry and send assistance. the american red cross sending $200,000 to assist victims there. that number could increase depending on what numbers look like tomorrow and what devastation looks like. when they assess damages. they're sending in local responders. i know medical supplies are being sent on to the island. we heard from a spokesperson with the direct relief organization. you can keep it here on fox news channel. we'll continue to keep you posted. we'll have guests throughout the evening with updates on what is being -- what's happening there on the island. you can check us out on the web which is fox dths you're looking at a picture of our web site right now.
11:53 pm
after shocks there are still being felt so this is not over by any stretch of the imagination. we're being told people are buried under the rubble. disaster in haiti. hit just a split second. as we know, it's not a poor -- i mean not a wealthy country. it's very poor. eight out of 10 considered poverty. living on about 2 tdzs a day. so... already, they're -- they just weren't having good medical care. now it's going to be worse because this happened, so many people are going to be sent to the hospital. thanks for watching fox news channel. we'll continue to keep you updated. we'll continue our programming.
11:54 pm
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>> president bush the elder was in a houston restaurant when a deranged person approached him. >> murderous piece of [ bleep ]. you don't get your new world order guy. you can't -- are you happen yes for millions of deaths you're part of? people know. people are waking up to the reality of this, mr. bush. >> that is unnecessary. >> the guy is responsible for killing million autos the guy should have been arrested by secret service. we called them and they will not comment so we don't know what happened to him. we hope the service will clarify this situation quickly. the guy may be a pinhead but deserves to be held accountable. can't let that stuff go. threatening. and finally tonight we're getting a lot of mail asking about the beck o'reilly bold
11:57 pm
fresh tour. a list of movie theaters carrying the show is posted on boldfresh 400 theaters going to cover it. if you want to check it out just go to the web site. also, tour gear? of course we have tour gear this, is the final batch. so check that out on bill o' now, a nice note from terry cash teaching at jf burn school in ohio. the kids being on the factor word of the day. students, that are not pernicious. >> and there is marie peterson in georgia reid's comments are racist and i've heard things like that. i am african american and reid should apologize to me. and
11:58 pm
there is one, i think michelle obama misspoke. how can you know that? you don't know the first lady. not fair. when you don't know... you give the benefit of the doubt. unless evidence overwhelms. bucky wood alabama. bill, helen thomas knows why al qaeda attacks us. she was trying to get the obama administration to admit the reason. your attempt to educate miss thomas was not your best moment. >> wow. you're giving helen the benefit of the doubt. based on her past comments on terrorism i don't see nobody yilt in the question. paul myers, silver spring maryland. thank you bill for setting thomas straight. let's hope she was watching. carl walker i'm saddened to see sara palin become a fox news common tateor. i think it ends her political future. i think it will enhance her credibility. susan from florida. o'reilly but no means are all
11:59 pm
your viewers fans of sara palin. well we want interesting outspoken people on the factor z the governor fits that description. dubie laugtner, would it help my chances if she knew ways a fan? your chances? doobie? and when will bold fresh be out in paper back? don't know, tes, it's selling well in hard cover. and nancy hines, o'reilly just read bold fresh as awaiting the birth of my first grandson. may he be as bold and fresh as you. and then, please e mail us at pithy comments at any where in the world. please here is a word of the day in honor of the kids of ohio. that is it for us today. factor continues 24-7 on bill


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